20 Adventures for 20 Students

Non-students also encouraged to apply
Program fee of $1000/€900/£800 includes all activities, transport, accommodation, meals and more


An Adventure Of A Lifetime

If you’re a student or young adult aged 18-26 with a thirst for thrills and a passion for exploration, this is your golden ticket. Picture this: 20 students from all corners of the globe checking off a bucket list of 20 incredible activities in the captivating landscape of Cape Town, South Africa.

  • Comfortable Accommodation

    Discover luxury like never before in our stunning villa, tucked away in a tranquil Cape Town suburb.

  • Affordable Price

    Seek sponsorship from friends and family for the activities, making this extraordinary journey accessible to all.

  • Lifelong Friendships

    Forge friendships with fellow students from around the world, forming bonds that transcend borders.

The Villa


Cape Town

Immerse In Adventurous and Cultural Activities

Rally support from friends, family, and even enthusiastic sponsors who believe in your journey and unlock the financial support needed to cover the costs of your 20 incredible activities.

Each activity is valued at $50 and can be paid for individually. Purchase of 3 activities unlocks a free overnight stay. 

*Note that some activities require an extra payment of $50

*Note that some activities require an extra payment of $50

*Cage Dive With Sharks

*Fishing Experience

*Jet Ski Experience

*Kamikaze Canyoning

*Microlight Introduction Flight

*Scenic Helicopter Flight

*Tandem Paraglide Experience

Archery Experience

Cheetah Encounter

Convertible Cadillac Tour

Go Karting


Hike Table Mountain

Horseback Riding


Lion Encounter

MTB Experience

Ostrich Encounter

Zipline Experience

Wine Tasting


Sunset Cruise

Seal Encounter


Robben Island

Quad Bikes

Penguin Encounter


HintHunt - Escape Room

Lions Head Hike

The Villa

Embark on the ultimate student adventure with our exclusive villa nestled in a peaceful Cape Town suburb. This is more than accommodation; it’s the starting point for your ’20 for 20′ adventure journey. Picture stylish interiors that set the stage for camaraderie and relaxation, with spacious rooms designed for student comfort. Your private pool oasis and garden hideaway provide the perfect escape after conquering thrilling activities like shark diving, wildlife safaris, and more.

Imagine sharing tales of your exploits on the terrace, overlooking stunning vistas as the sun sets on another day of adventure. This isn’t just a place to stay; it’s the hub where friendships are forged, and memories are made. Whether you’re gearing up for the next exciting excursion or simply soaking in the student camaraderie, our villa is your home during this ’20 for 20′ journey. Get ready to dive into an adventure-filled week, creating 20 unforgettable moments in the vibrant city of Cape Town.

Cape Town

Nestled within the embrace of Table Mountain and the Atlantic Ocean, Cape Town beckons with a unique blend of natural wonders, cultural richness, and thrilling activities. Wake up in our student-friendly villa, ready to explore the iconic wonders of South Africa.

What sets Cape Town apart is not just its stunning scenery but also the unparalleled array of experiences it offers. Dive into the world of marine wonders through exhilarating shark diving, witness the untamed beauty of wildlife on safari excursions, and feel the pulse of the city with adventurous activities that unfold against a backdrop of sweeping vistas. Each day promises a new adventure, and your villa, complete with a private pool and communal spaces, becomes a haven for recounting the day’s exploits with fellow adventurers.

Beyond the adventures, Cape Town beckons with cultural treasures. Explore historic landmarks, indulge in local cuisine, and experience the region’s renowned vineyards through wine tastings. This isn’t just an adventure; it’s a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a city where nature, culture, and thrill converge. 


Fully Inclusive of airport transfers, accommodation, meals, drinks, and all activities (some have a surcharge):




2024 Dates

19-26 May

2 – 9 June

16 – 23 June

30 June – 7 July

14 – 21 July

28 July – 4 August

11 – 18 August

25 August – 1 September

8 – 15 September

22 – 29 September

An adventure of a lifetime takes a lot of planning and preparation to make it safe and enjoyable.  Don’t worry, we do almost all of that work.  The first step is to apply to join us with some dates.  Note that the villa is available for the 20for20 program during May, June, July & August 2024.  The program runs from Sunday to Sunday.  We recommend that you start your South Africa adventures with us in Cape Town.   After a week with us, you can continue exploring South Africa, maybe with new friends you have met during the program.

We do not require any payment at this stage.  These are the steps to a successful application:

Step 1:   Apply with arrival date in Cape Town.  We will give you a provisional application confirmation.

Step 2:  Arrange your flights, travel insurance & health insurance.  You will also need to sign a waiver form for the 20for20 program.

Step 3:  Send us all of the prerequisite information about flights, insurance and waiver form.

Step 4:  We will send you a confirmed acceptance for the agreed dates and invoice you for the holding deposit of 15% of the program value.  Make sure you pay this deposit within 7 days by credit card to avoid cancellation.  Don’t send us cash or bank transfer or paypal.  Credit card payment is secure and protects you.  

Step 5.  Final payment is due latest on the day of arrival.  We suggest you pay earlier, but we will be at the airport to receive you and collect final payment by credit card.

Yes.  A limited number of rebates are available.  Please apply early to avail of any opportunities.  Contact us to see what might be available for you.

We have some flexibility in the age range if there is availability.  Contact us if you fall outside this range.

No.  Our program is ideal for young adults who have long vacations, typically university students and gap year travelers.  Most of our guests commence in Cape Town and spend a week with us before continuing on to other parts of Southern Africa region.  Often, they will meet other like-minded travelers and continue together.

Yes, but it is quite expensive to guarantee a single room (50% surcharge).  Instead, we recommend you book as a single traveller, but agree to be paired up with another traveller of the same gender.  This avoids the surcharge and you might end up with a single room anyway, if we are not able to pair you up.

None, zero, zilch.   Our program is fully inclusive of all transfers, transport, meals, accommodation and activities.  We do suggest you bring a credit card for emergencies and shopping.   Everything has moved to tap and pay, even with small traders.  Also, it will be wise to have a small amount of cash for emergencies.  If needed, we can help you sort that out when you arrive.

This 20for20 program is ideal for healthy young adults who have a sense of adventure.  Beginners are welcome and this program can gently introduce you into adventure activities.  You don’t need to be a Tarzan or a Marathon runner, though you will encounter animals and hike up Table Mountain if you wish.   However, there are some people who should not join this program:

  • Pregnant Ladies: sometimes we may be far from health facilities
  • Disabled, or medically challenged, whether physical or mental:  we don’t have staff with the required skillset to provide individual attention.
  • Party animals who like to drink excessively till late in the night.  We do take you out for fun and clubbing on some nights, but you do need to be rested and fit for the next days activities.  The key word is moderation.  Alcohol and clubbing in moderation for fun.


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